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With Accelsor you don’t waste time prototyping, coding, designing, or uploading files to your ... More

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Published 3 Nov 2011

It can be a very expensive thing to put a website together. If it was cheap everybody would have done it by now, surely. Hang on...they just did. Accelsor is a very cool domain design tool that let's you create a stunning website in minutes without having to go through the whole rigmarole of designing, coding, prototyping and uploading your baby to your web server. It's buttonless real-time website creation at it's best.
With Accelsor you don’t waste time prototyping, coding, designing and uploading files to your web server. Accelsor is a domain design tool that lets both beginners and experienced developers rapidly create stunning websites. There are no complex menu bars or panels to navigate or memorize in Accelsor.  Just simple mouse and touch gestures and hot keys will get you there. With auto-save, real-time collaboration, and instant publication Accelsor has got to be one of the cooler domain design tools around.

Accelsor could be the best kept secret tool on the net. Any domain design tool that can create a professional and very cool website inside five minutes and does it for about twenty bucks is a pretty good deal. The other testy ing about Accelsor is that the guys who have developed it are constantly upgrading it and adding new features. It seems as if they really do understand what the customer wants in creating a website that performs well and much as it looks good. It's easy to navigate and it's free. What's more to ask.

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