Developer description

The Accurate Compass app is like a real compass. It can be used for navigation, location and direction. The Compass app helps you find your way whether you are on a hiking trail or on a trip to a new location. The Compass app uses device' accelerator sensor and magnetic sensor to get magnetic north. If GPS or WiFi network is available, the compass app is able to get true north. The Compass marks your current position on Google Map and allow you to share your location to friends or family.

Features of the Accurate Compass app:

1. Accurate compass
2. Metal detection and magnetic strength
3. Sensors accuracy
4. Digital Clock
5. Background and text color customization
6. Current address & Google Map
7. Share current location
8. Keep screen on
9. Dim screen
10. Small file size
11. True north and magnetic north (the app automatically takes care of declination)
12. How to calibrate compass
13. Free forever compass app
14. Get more free apps ( flashlight, digital clock, night mode, app lock)
15. Speedometer for car driving or biking
16. Route finder
17. Flashlight
18. Weather information

Last updated 25 May 2018

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