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Sort out your LOL's from your LMFAO's in one simple place

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We are young developers team.
We have made a service to make the abbreviations more ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2013

The Internet has certainly changed the way we live but who would have thought that it would change the way we speak, too? Im sure that, by now, everyone knows full well that LOL means Laugh Out Loud but it gets a bit challenging when you are presented with SEO's and FML...and we haven't even thought about LMFAO - maybe we shouldn't go there just yet. The fact is, the Internet exists on acronyms, abbreviations and slang and, if you want to know your way around, there needs to be an easy place to go if you want to find out what they all mean. AcronymsAndSlang is as complete a dictionary of Internet terms as you will find anywhere and is a one stop, searchable directory for all things abbreviated.
Internet slang and acronyms were created originally in an effort to cut down on keystrokes and new ones seem to emerge every day from every part of the Internet. Amazingly. some of them actually go as far back as World War II. It's impossible to keep up. Some people will call it AOL speak, AOLese, AOLbonics and net speak. While it does undoubtedly save keystrokes it can prove very hard to read. AcronymsAndSlang is an'acronyms meaning' dictionary that was developed by a team of young developers whose mission statement was to create a service to make internet abbreviations more apprehensible to everyone. They have managed to collect the freshest, largest and most comprehensive database of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms as well as a virtual 'definition of slang meanings' with over three and a half million terms listed in their database. The app lists all the different meanings of the acronyms you are looking for but if it isn't there it can be added simply and easily. Users can submit their own descriptions of new acronyms and contribute to an ever-growing database.
How do you handle it when you are confronted with a set of initials and are expected to know what it means? Presumably you would simply Google it and see what comes up. However, the congested search engine will generally offer up a whole series of confusing answers and might not even give you the answers you need. AcronymsAndSlang is an easy to use, dedicated database of abbreviations and offers a fully searchable engine to find what you are looking for. With 3.5 million in the dictionary, you can search by individual letter or scan through various intelligent categories that include airports and locations, business and finance, medicine and science, organizations and military as well as technology and modern computer slang. AcronymsAndSlang is a free and very user-friendly application that will show you the difference between LMFAO and AOL. Try not to get them mixed up.

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