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Ever wanted to be in or make a movie? Well you can in less than a minute. Get ready to unleash ... More

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Published 5 May 2013

There's plenty of folks out there that see themselves as the next Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock or JJ Adams, if it comes to that. They spend hours laboriously editing footage to try concoct a cool film that they can share with their friends. Well, especially for those creative movie people, here is a great new social movie and video application called Act With Me: The Social Movie Studio. This innovative and fun little iOS package let's you easily create a short movie with your friends and share it on your favorite social network. but the difference between this and similar film-making apps is that,  with this one, you can write a script, cast your movie and get your actors to record their own individual parts on their own devices. Then you can edit, add extra effects and images, publish and even invite your viewing audience to the world premiere.
If you have ever wanted to be in or make a movie, now is your chance. Using Act With Me, you can unleash your inner movie-maker with just your iDevice in less than a minute. Making movies has never been so easy or this much fun. Start with a script from the app's library - including scripts written by EMMY Award winning screenwriter Gordon Bressack - or write one of your own. Now it's time to cast your movie. Log in with Facebook, cast your friends or allow random actors to join your movie. Each person films their own part on their own iOS Device and all clips are sent to you - as the film's director - as soon as they are shot. You can approve your sent clips or rewrite, edit and 'reshoot' new scenes, move or trim clips and add transitions all on the fly. When your movie is finished to your satisfaction you can share it with the world on Facebook, YouTube and the app's gallery. If you don't want to make movies, rather just act in them, you simply tap "Act Now" and a list of available 'open cast' roles pops up for you to browse. Find a role that looks interesting and review the script and, if you like it, you can join the movie and start filming. Make short films, parody videos, video greetings, documentaries, how to videos or anything else you can think of.
Act With Me: The Social Movie Studio is a superb set of tools that provide everything you need to make a cool short film with your friends. And, while FeedMyApp have reviewed quite a few similar movie-making apps over the last year or so, none have come even vaguely close to having the features that this one does. Not only that, it is also beautifully simple to use with you, the director of the project, having complete control over your content and allowing you to make a truly professional looking movie. A lot of this depends on the quality of your actors and Act With Me provides the script for your actors to read - right on their mobile iDevice. So, it doesn't matter where you or your actors are - you can even get your friend in Kentucky to participate if you like. With Act With Me you can make fast, high quality films anywhere and anytime you like. Its a hell of a lot of fun and i love it!

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