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actiTIME ia web-based timesheet for managing tasks, projects and billing. Besides basic ... More

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Published 4 Mar 2013

Often, the most contentious thing about business is their billing and time arrangements. There is little worse for a consumer than to receive an incorrect bill and little worse for a business than to fail to charge a customer for the time spent on a project. Both can be a recipe for a business disaster. It's not so bad for the larger business because they can afford lavish billing and time tracking software but for the smaller business it still tends to be paper based. actiTIME is a new time tracking, management and billing app that is free for teams of under 10 people. It provides a simple yet effective way of managing projects and calculating cost and billing.
actiTIME ia web-based timesheet application for managing tasks, projects and billing. But, besides basic time-tracking and work assignments, time offs and sick leave registration, this app can also help calculate a project's costs, issue invoices, make project assignments and creates detailed reports covering almost any management or accounting needs. You can track your team's billing hours and get all the information you need in a convenient, friendly looking weekly timesheet. Organize your team by creating and assigning tasks to individuals so that they work efficiently with task deadlines and personal performance information and gather the necessary reporting data with powerful reporting tools. It enables you to have complete control over the project management process and achieve your goals. Accounting managers will love actiTIME because it handles tricky...