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Free accounting and billing for small business

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Published 4 Mar 2013

[cont'd] stuff like overtime balances verification of contractors' work. The application itself can be installed in your office or hosted at their secure data center and provided to you as 'software as a service.' No special training is required and you can be up and running straight away without the need for lengthy sign ups or contracts.
There are two versions of this simple but excellent time tracking application. One is a totally free version for small teams of under 10 users and the other is a much more powerful version for bigger teams of workers. Both will be of interest to accounts and managements teams because of their simplicity of use and accuracy of information. Rather than hunting through reams of paper for staff billing hours and and project costs, actiTIME is a well organized set of tools to make accounting almost pleasurable - you notice I said almost there...I was being realistic. But, as accounting apps go...this one is a good one. Especially, but not exclusively, for the little guys like you and me.