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Psychiatry for your social media

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Actwitty creates a curated home page of individuals by topically arranging the feeds from ... More

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Published 24 Jul 2012

When it comes right down to it, Actwitty is kind of like a trip to the psychiatrist and doc all rolled into one for your social networking feeds. It's a social media monitoring application that takes its job very seriously indeed and, not only does it arrange your feeds from your social networks by topic, but it also aggregates them into one curated home page.
Actwitty creates a curated home page of individuals by topically arranging your feeds from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Actwitty does a semantic analysis of text to get an intelligent grouping of data and key term analysis which is not just based on frequency of mention. It's really the ability to aggregate feeds based on topic rather than keywords that sets Actwitty apart from similar apps like Klout. Actwitty supports developer API (Application Programming Interface) for its social semantic platform and a useful profile which can be shared with others to enable you to make more fruitful business connections. Your profile is derived from your online footprint on various social networking sites as you make contacts and develop business and personal relationships. The footprint you leave behind, whether it be topics, trends or just the way you interact, can then be stitched together to form data aggregation to further enhance your business direction and give you a greater understanding of your business and personal branding. Alternatively, your footprint can be an easy way to advertise your public data when pursuing (or...