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Adaptive SAT - Math is a unique and first of its kind test prep app for SAT exam. There are lot of other apps that offer SAT practice and most of them are good. They do have lots of questions and these questions appear one after other. At the end there is an overall performance report. But most of these apps do not have any corrective actions and almost none adapt themselves to the skills of the student.
Suppose Jim is a student aspiring to write SAT and he is doing not so good in Geometry then Jim does not need to worry about entire Geometry. This app will tell Jim that his weak areas are only Triangles and Quadrilaterals and he is fine with Circles and Spheres. Furthermore the app will give Jim more questions on Triangles and Quadrilaterals. With more practice Jim should now be able to perform better on the test on his next attempt. This is exactly what is achieved by Adaptive SAT Math app.
Adaptive SAT Math actually focuses on finding out the weak areas of students so that the students actually can spend their time on focusing and improving their weak areas. The Math section is divided into four skills - Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic and Statistics. The student has to first give a short skill test on any of these and then based on their performance, a special menu of "Focus chapters" is created on the topics that need more attention.
The app uses the most modern adaptive software algorithms and though it is designed for SAT it can surely be used for other equivalent exams or tests such as ACT, GRE, GMAT etc. Some other features:- - Its an exclusive iPad app, and there are higher chances that an iPad might not be connected to Wifi always, no problems our App does NOT need any internet - Typical SAT Math test prep is very expensive and run into $100 to $200 , the app cost is all inclusive $4.99 (for a limited time promo is $0.99 currently) - No ads, no in-app purchases, no social media integration (who would want a student to post their scores to FB & Twitter) - Graphical and Tabular progress report that is self-explanatory - No frills, no fancy stuff, just serious Math

Last updated 24 Jan 2015

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