Developer description

Get services like MongoLab, Mailgun and many more with a single click. We provision the account and inject the API keys via our gem or NPM. Use these addons on any platform or hosting solution, including locally.

Modern apps use services, lots of them. There are services for sending email, storing our data, processing customer's credit cards and telling us if people like blue or green buttons more.

As developers we end up spending lots of time integrating these services or "addons" and managing their API keys. Writing this glue code is a waste of time and can introduce bugs needlessly. Also what do you do with all those API keys and account credentials? Put them in a google doc? AddonList is the solution.

AddonList lets you manage all your services from one dashboard, and SSO into your service accounts directly. Platforms like Heroku and EngineYard offer a similar service through their addon marketplaces, which come at the high cost of locking you into their platform. AddonList offers the same speed and security from anywhere.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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