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Your friends and Wine.
Discover and choose wine by sharing your opinions with people you trust.

Organize your wines: Keep track of wines you taste, make a wishlist or organize your home cellar.
Make a Watchlist: Build a personalized Watchlist to follow what people, producers and wine shops are doing.
Find wines & prices: Search by name, producer or country. Check wine prices for a wine you’re thinking of buying.

And lots more:

See which wines you’ve tasted to check if you have tried a wine before.
Check your wish list before your next visit to the wine shop.
Read what people you trust think about a specific wine you want to try.
Check if someone you trust has a specific bottle of wine.
Review that amazing wine shop you’ve just bought wine from.
See what promotions your favorite wine shop is running this week.
*Read what wine bloggers are saying about a wine (soon).

Last updated 2 Dec 2011

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