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Developer description

This application turns your iPhone or iPod into a beautiful islamic alarm clock that plays adhans at their respective times even when the app is not running and your screen is off. It also provide an accurate GPS based Qibla direction finder that automatically finds the direction of ka'aba no matter where in the world you are. The application also provides the most up-to-date weather information about your city.
ADHAN PLAYER AT PRAYER TIMES FOR YOUR CITY Uses the most accurate GPS feature to find your current location and plays the adhan at local prayer times for Fajr, Duhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha times even when the app is not running or the screen is off. (Note: Adhan plays for 30 seconds only. You can play full adhans using Adhan player by just pressing a button in teh app)
✓ QIBLA DIRECTION FINDER A beautiful compass that finds the qibla direction for any city around the world using the GPS feature to automatically find the direction of ka'aba based on your current location. Especially helpful when you are traveling.
✓ HIJRI CALENDAR A beautiful Hijri calendar that provides both the hijri and gregorean dates and also let you make manual adjustment, if you want.
✓ WEATHER INFORMATION FOR YOUR CITY Up-to-date weather information including the high, low and current temperature for the city you are in by automatically using the GPS location feature.
✓ BEAUTIFUL SELECTION OF ADHANS Five beautiful adhans from the famous muslim mosques to choose from.
✓ BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION OF BACKGROUNDS and DISPLAY COLORS 20 beautiful clock backgrounds you can choose from. 10 different display colors you can choose from.
✓ CUSTOM ALARM FEATURE Custom alarm feature allows you to set your own alarm include the automatic repeat feature.
✓ SUPPORTS DIFFERENT CALCULATION METHODS Six different prayer calculation methods to choose from.
✓ SUPPORTS ASR CALUCATION USING EITHER HANAFI or SHAFAI METHOD Allows you to calcualte Asr time using either Hanafi or Sha'fi Fiq.
✓ FLEXIBLE SETTING OPTIONS You can turn on/off weather information or prayer times on the main display You can selectively turn on/off adhans through the settings screen. You can set either 12 or 24 hour format for the prayer times using the settings screen.

Last updated 26 Oct 2012