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Editor's review

Published 20 Jun 2019

The way we react to advertising has changed markedly over the last few years. Most of our person to person advertising used to come through our letterbox not too many years ago. To counter it we put stickers on our letterboxes that say 'no junk mail.' Advertisers got the message and, pretty soon, it was all coming through our email in the form of spam. To counter that, we put filters on our email to send it straight to the rubbish bin before it even hit our eyes. It's not that we don't want to receive that stuff because, in many cases, there's some great deals hidden amongst the trash. The bottom line here is that we don't really want to receive advertising in the same place that we get important emails from family and friends. It's confusing and inconvenient and you could miss important messages in all the clutter. 

So, there has to be another way of appeasing both parties. The fact is, every day there are heaps of advertising emails in our inbox that are either ignored completely, marked as unread or immediately deleted because we can't be bothered to unsubscribe or consider it too difficult to solve. That way, both sides miss the mark rather badly. The advertisers don't have their products viewed and the individual has a messy and frustrating inbox. It's not like we don't want to see that great deal for an unbelievable price on a trip to Barcelona, details of a new wonder product or an 'important update.' It's just that they get lost in the frustration of an unruly email system. 

What we want is a well-organized place where we can manage our consumer life on our own terms and engage with the brands we love whilst keeping our regular email account for more personal items. AdKaddy is the first platform of its kind that provides this. The developers have created something here that is dedicated to the consumer brand relationship with the prime motivation being to consume the advertising that is pointed in our direction. This appeases and excites both consumers and marketers who now can be confident that their advertising material isn't being ignored and isn't destined for the rubbish bin in your regular email account. 

Once AdKaddy users have downloaded the app they can create a free new consumer AdKaddy email address and use that when subscribing to favorite brands, newsletters, when buying at stores or online, coupons, discount codes or any time an advertiser requires an email address. Why not simple create another email address yourself, I can hear you asking? Well, the difference here is that AdKaddy perfectly organises the flow of emails into brands which are then separated into marketing, shipping and receipts. This is not only great for the interested consumer but equally superb for marketers who have found a much higher engagement from customers who use this app. 

AdKaddy is certainly not for everyone. There are plenty of people out there who will carry on with their present system of letting advertising emails go straight to the rubbish bin or will systematically delete the hundreds or so that flow in every day, week or month. However, if you want to take back control of your personal inbox, this is the way to do it. You'll experience consumer email in a completely new way and your personal email address will be free of clutter, interruption and the content you aren't interested in. AdKaddy is available for free right now for iPhone, iPad and Android from the relevant App Store. 

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