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Published 17 Jun 2014

You might think that by putting together an advertising campaign on the net you have given your product the best possible chance of success. However, there's advertising and there's intelligent advertising. Retargeting is one of the boom areas of advertising and marketing these days and there are several companies around that have taken it to a new level. Self service advertising platforms like AdRoll and Perfect Audience have delivered groundbreaking online campaign strategies. The only trouble is, some fail to show their commission rates, so potential profits can be misleading. adsuit, on the other hand, enables marketers to deliver campaigns - both on the web and on mobile - using deep targeting and reporting features and with completely transparent prices so you always know how much your campaign is costing you.

adsuit was created by developers who have grown up in media planning and buying, finance, marketing, PR and sales. In their respective businesses, they had tried all the most popular available platforms but were dismayed by the lack of transparency when it came to pricing. They vowed to come up with something better. The aim was to deliver a platform for self service advertising campaigns that can be targeted to an exact audience and at a specific time. To this they have added excellent reporting data and a guaranteed price with no hidden extras. The app is very easy to use - with a global reach of more than 150 inventory sources - and you can have your trading desk up and running in minutes. Add any team members or clients and start setting up your campaign straight away. Just copy and paste the segment pixel into your website and create segments based on your user data. You can target members, site visitors, random shoppers, loyal customers, potential new customers and returning visitors using the deep targeting options and adsuit's unique real-time algorithms. This ensures that you are showing your ads to the right people at the right time. Check out the way your campaigns are performing and track revenues using detailed metrics and reports. "adsuit is beginning to integrate native ads and video ads technology into the adsuit re-targeting framework.” says co-founder Gülseren Arslan and adds that adsuit will soon be launching new plugins and features for e-commerce advertisers, publishers as well as new CRM tools that will unlock audience data for cross-device targeting.

Co-founder Ahmet Arslan is convinced that adsuit will help you grow your business as well as providing better results for your bottom line. It helps you to keep in touch with your existing customers while finding new ones and all at a significant saving for advertisers. adsuit helps you better understand your visitors and view their browsing behaviours on site or mobile app level. I guess the big difference between this and AdRoll is the transparency of its cost to you. If you take your advertising campaign seriously then adsuit will give you all the ammunition you need to reach your target audiences at the right time and in the right place. Advertisers can get started with $50 of free advertising credit and you wont need a credit card to join up.To learn more about adsuit, you can visit

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