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Published 12 Jul 2012

There are over two million burglaries in the US each year and, in about half of those cases, there is someone in the house when the perpetrator gets in. So, what do you do? Call 9-1-1, obviously. But when we throw in the equation of hearing impaired people at home it gets even scarier. There are some 30 million hearing impaired people in the US for whom SMS texting is not an option as it is not supported by most US 911 centers. Advanced911 comes to the rescue with this security and tracking application for iOS that lets you send an instant message and your location details to participating 9-1-1 call centers.
The developers recognized through their background in public safety that 9-1-1 text messaging and the transfer of photos could be accomplished with purpose built mobile and web applications and realized that there should be a readily accessible solution to handle all of a person's 9-1-1 needs. They also realized that they shouldn't be limited to voice calls for help. Advanced911 let's you silently text 9-1-1 using your web browser and allows the public to instant message and send their location to participating 9-1-1 centers - known as PSAPs. It is designed to support desktops, laptops, feature phones, smart phones and tablets and gives everyone the ability to silently contact emergency services. And if you are in a moving vehicle  9-1-1 has the ability to obtain location updates. Augmenting is the Advanced 911 app which adds support for the transfer of photos, medical details and your emergency contacts. Finally, you can use your iPhone to silently request help from 9-1-1 or a friend and send text messages, photos and your location to participating 911 centers. If a local 911 center isn't available, they will  help you send a text message with your location to a friend so they can call 911 for you.
Advanced911 has recognized a hole in the market here and introduced a number of tools to aid the hearing impaired to contact 9-1-1 from smartphones, home computers and tablets.To save you critical time text your medical condition and location to the center ensuring you get a rapid response for the required service. Alternatively,  if you see a crime being committed and you can safely take a picture, you now have the ability to send them to participating 9-1-1 centers. Advanced911 is easy to use and offers peace-of-mind to some of the hearing impaired sufferers of America.

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