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Published 23 Nov 2011

Gets The Party Started With The Music You Create! You know when you go into one of those epic dance parties and your whole body is immediately reconstructed by this fat sample coming from the speakers? There are a few bands around at the moment that are hitting it. Bands like Skrillex and Nero. Advanced IGD Studio is an amazing music app that gives you that fat sample (and much much more) so your iPhone turns into a mini music machine.

Advanced IGD Studio is an iPhone music app from that turns your stylish iPhone from a stylish accessory into Fat Boy Slim at the click of a thumb. This cool app let's you make your own party anthems just by turning on or off the wild selection of samples on offer. You don't even have to pre-program anything because IGD Studios supplies the samples enabling you to make music in real time and amaze your friends. Features include multisample realtime selection (that means there's lots of samples that you can play in one touch,) speed control ( er...this makes it go faster or slower,) master control (this makes it go up to 11...that's one louder for any Spinal Tap fans out there,) a 16 step sequencer (thats the thing that makes all the noise) plus 6 tracks to play with. If you want to hear one of the samples you can have a look here:

Advanced IGD Studio really does put a veritable mosh pit into your iPhone with this powerful and quite amazing music creation tool. You don't have to be a musical genius either - just hit a button and find the real time sample that's just right to start the party off the right way. It's an impressive looking beast too but is simple to use and cheap to download. If you want the next DJ Shadow to come out of your mobile you should create some music here.

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