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Need some advice? If you trust your Facebook and Twitter friends to give good advice Advisr is ... More

Editor's review

Published 2 Sep 2011

Who do you trust to give you good advice when you need it? Certainly not that guy in the pub with the silly grin on his face. It's your friends you go to when you need good guidance, isn't it? Advisr is a fun social networking advice app that allows you to get moments of clarity direct from your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Advisr is an easy-to-use agony column app that's fun and a good way to spend a little time if you are needing your ego stroked. The simple and fresh app allows the user to receive 3 tips on just about anything they like. Whether it be relationship issues, physical appearance or even which movie to see you can ask your social networking gurus any 3 questions. Whether you get the answers that you are looking for is another question. Chances are that one answer at least will lead you in the right direction. Better than the guy in the pub, anyway. The one and only rule for the answers that are provided here is that they should be kept short and concise. No sprawling answers are allowed on Those who like to ramble on will have to look for a different site.

There's no real point to Advisr except that it's a good fun social networking app that'll keep you amused for a while. Any site that advertises it's services with a line like "Some tips will improve your life for sure" knows it's limitations. However, if you ask your friends which movie to go to see with your partner's mother and father I can see its uses. Which restaurant to go to would be a really good question as there's nothing better than food advice from friends. If there's a down side then it would definitely improve the experience if Advisr was linked to one of the social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook so one could log directly in from there. Lots hope that's an improvement to come.

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