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Published 11 Nov 2011

If you’re anything like me then alarm bells start ringing the minute you clap your eyes on a set of terms & conditions that would put even the most boring lawyer to sleep. I read them because I’m a reviewer and to be honest it was the only way to get a handle on how this site works as the home page is lacking any explanation of the basic mechanics.

Having read them I’m still not completely sure but I’ll stick my neck out and say this is a site where ˈexpertsˈ in any field can earn money by selling online consultations. Members on the other hand can register and connect with one of the many experts listed under categories such as education, counselling, business and spirituality.

It’s clear from the terms that the fees for a consultation are hammered out by the expert and member alone and as it’s all done through the site so know of the connection. The consultation then takes the form of an online chat, video conference or email. I assume this is all done via the site too as Adisu take the cash and charge a commission and so need to monitor the activity.

I do have reservations but then I do wave slightly towards the cynical side of life. Anyone in need of advice would be well advised to get some credentials from their chosen expert as no verification as to any substance behind them is carried out by...