Developer description

As an owner of an online store, have you ever thought about a tool that can write descriptions for the thousands of products in your Shopify store?.

Imagine being able to write thousands of writeups just by clicking on a button or by answering one or two questions. We at Adzis have built that for you.

* Let the AdZis content engine write unique product descriptions for you.
* 5X your web visitors, bring down spend by 1/5th and time by 1/20th.
* Generate 1,000's of unique product descriptions in no time.
* Boost your store's keyword ranking and grow faster.
* Price starts at as low as 14 cents per description.
* Build content without a team.
* No more hassle of hiring and negotiating with freelancers.
* Save money, time and human resources. Scale faster than the competition.

Last updated 13 Dec 2019