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Published 15 Oct 2012

If I said to you that I could introduce you to a business network that helped you promote your business, network with friends and colleagues, find great new clients and manage them efficiently and then I told you that it was free you would be silly not to jump at it, wouldn't you? Well, welcome to Aegora - a professional marketplace where you can do all those things and more. Promote your business, brand or yourself if you are a freelancer Or Aegora can even be used as an employment vehicle to hire great professionals that have been recommended to you by your friends - if and when you plan to expand.
Aegora lets you leverage your professional network to build your business and potentially make more money. This networking application gives you the chance to promote yourself and your business and do it for free. You can network with friends, colleagues and like-minded professionals and find high-quality clients in your trusted network. Then hire trusted professionals recommended by friends and manage your projects and get paid automatically. So how does Aegora work for everybody? Well, networkers represent and promote their product, service or brand but usually it is primarily themselves. They can build their Aegora profile and customize it to present their brand in the best possible light. They can build and expand their network of quality contacts by contacting other users and inviting their existing contacts to join Aegora. They know that the larger their trust network, the more opportunities they have to achieve their promotional goals by identifying and reaching the right people. They can create, join and participate in special interest groups, in order to demonstrate their expertise, interact with like-minded people and promote their brand. Buyers, on the other hand, are people that purchase services from sellers. They locate the qualified sellers who can fulfil their requirements by posting free project advertisements and by the leveraging in their network of contacts to quickly identify high-quality trusted professionals. Buyers easily negotiate contracts with their sellers and use the in house project management system to verify milestone and contract completion ...and pay automatically. Post your projects to your trusted professional network and locate new talent for your business. Sellers locate the qualified buyers to sell their services by browsing project advertisements, and by leveraging their network of contacts to quickly identify high quality trusted clients. They easily negotiate contracts with their buyers, use the project management system to claim milestone and contract completion and get paid automatically. Then when both receive endorsements they can choose to display them on their profiles to further enhance their reputations.
Aegora is a great new startup that is a kind of streamlined LinkedIn but without the volume of traffic that you have to deal with. It concentrates on making meaningful contact between buyers, sellers and negotiators to everyone's mutual benefit. The idea is, make great trusted business partners, utilize each other's circumstances and potentially, make more money. Simple, right? Nothing, of course, is that easy but Aegora is a brilliant concept for a business network and is totally free. What's more, early sign ups go on to form the core ideas team for the future. So, if you think that a free business network would benefit you and LlinkedIn is way too daunting you might want to aim for Aegora.

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