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Log the ages and birthdays of your friends and family with a countdown to the big day

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Easily keep track of how old your friends & family are!

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Published 8 Feb 2016

When I first looked at AgeLog I figured that it was just another birthday reminder for your iPhone. I was trying to work out why there was yet another app like this when there were so many others on the market already. However, while it does include many of the features that many birthday apps have, AgeLog puts a slightly different emphasis on proceedings. It's 'raisin d'être' is to log the ages of all the people around us.

AgeLog is a fun age and birthday app for iOS that was put together by a development company named Tommy Owen Design. His claim is that he personally has a lot of kids in his family and he couldn't find an app that tracked the ages and birthdays of them all so he created one for himself. What he has created is an elegant yet simple app that not only tracks the ages and birthdays of his family members but also gives a countdown to the important day, lets you create groups and import photos to illustrate them. Finally, it lets you share all this information with friends and family.

As i said earlier, there are heaps of birthday apps out there but few that throw the emphasis on ages rather than dates. You've just got to go to Facebook and you'll have birthdays laid out for you till the cows come home. Facebook does have a couple of downfalls there though as there is not only...