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Log the ages and birthdays of your friends and family with a countdown to the big day

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Easily keep track of how old your friends & family are!

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Editor's review

Published 8 Feb 2016

When I first looked at AgeLog I figured that it was just another birthday reminder for your iPhone. I was trying to work out why there was yet another app like this when there were so many others on the market already. However, while it does include many of the features that many birthday apps have, AgeLog puts a slightly different emphasis on proceedings. It's 'raisin d'ĂȘtre' is to log the ages of all the people around us.

AgeLog is a fun age and birthday app for iOS that was put together by a development company named Tommy Owen Design. His claim is that he personally has a lot of kids in his family and he couldn't find an app that tracked the ages and birthdays of them all so he created one for himself. What he has created is an elegant yet simple app that not only tracks the ages and birthdays of his family members but also gives a countdown to the important day, lets you create groups and import photos to illustrate them. Finally, it lets you share all this information with friends and family.

As i said earlier, there are heaps of birthday apps out there but few that throw the emphasis on ages rather than dates. You've just got to go to Facebook and you'll have birthdays laid out for you till the cows come home. Facebook does have a couple of downfalls there though as there is not only  an age limit of 13 but many don't put their year of birth in.  This cuts some of the most important people - notably the kids and the elderly -  out of the equation.

The app itself features a beautifully clean and elegant interface. Just input the person's name and their date of birth and add a photo and you won't have to remember people's ages or birthdays ever again. You can add anybody you like - your own kids, friends' kids, siblings, nieces, nephews, parents or special friends. It will be particularly useful when you have to deal with a varied group of individuals to log the youngest to the eldest. AgeLog will not only track the ages and birthdays of the people around you but also show you their exact age in years, months and days. You can create groups - kids, family or friends etc - and share all these birthday lists with the relevant parties.

AgeLog's countdown to the day feature gives you more time to prepare for the event and buy the appropriate presents for their age. It's all very well being told that it's little Jenny's birthday on the day but you really need that information a week or more ahead of time. That will give you time to plan and buy the right present and allow for the arbitrariness of postal service to deliver it. Its always disappointing to find that the present you've diligently chosen is still in the postal system on that special day.

AgeLog is a very useful utilities app for iOS that features both free and paid versions. The basic free version will let you create up to 3 groups while the paid version ups that to 10 groups and gets rid of the ads for under a buck fifty. It features a clear and attractive interface with easy navigation and simple but effective actions. It's one of those apps that isn't overloaded with features but all work well. While AgeLog's main feature is to show you the ages of your family and friends, for me the jewel in the crown is the countdown feature that gives you time to prepare for the big day rather than having it thrust upon you with only hours to prepare. AgeLog is available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using operating system iOS 8.2 or later.

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