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Log the ages and birthdays of your friends and family with a countdown to the big day

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Published 8 Feb 2016

[cont'd] still in the postal system on that special day.

AgeLog is a very useful utilities app for iOS that features both free and paid versions. The basic free version will let you create up to 3 groups while the paid version ups that to 10 groups and gets rid of the ads for under a buck fifty. It features a clear and attractive interface with easy navigation and simple but effective actions. It's one of those apps that isn't overloaded with features but all work well. While AgeLog's main feature is to show you the ages of your family and friends, for me the jewel in the crown is the countdown feature that gives you time to prepare for the big day rather than having it thrust upon you with only hours to prepare. AgeLog is available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using operating system iOS 8.2 or later.