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Make Sense of Your Data Now!

Create Dashboards with Your Custom Metrics, Charts and Reports in minutes.

Integrate data from all internal and external sources.

Create intuitive role-based dashboards, charts & metrics. Use data driven insights to make proactive decisions.

Instantly make sense of your data. Create a variety of reports in minutes. Decrease time to market. Increase return on investment.

We provide companies like yours a do it yourself business intelligence product, so that you can make the most informed decisions without buying more infrastructure or using expensive consultants. Informed Decision Making Yields Profitable Results.

Business Intelligence in 3 simple steps!

Step 1 - Securely upload data
After signup and login, you can be up and running on AgileSense in minutes. The first step after login is to upload your data, or if you'd like us to automatically pull the data from your systems we are happy to set that up for you.

Step 2 - Create Charts Metrics
A dashboard page is already created for you. To create charts, metrics, lists or even new dashboards you simply need to click the +Add button and select the required information on the screen to see your reports.

Step 3 - Add Users Roles
For allowing other users access to dashboards you create, you can add users and roles. Each user can be assigned roles. Each role can be assigned specific dashboards. The users who are not admins will be restricted to those dashboards that their roles have access to.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015