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AgoraPulse is a Facebook Marketing and CRM suite that helps Facebook Page owners and marketers ... More

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Published 6 Mar 2012

I love the idea that AgoraPulse regard themselves as the Swiss Army Knife of social media monitoring applications. So what does it mean? Well, it basically means that this customer relations manager and its suite of marketing tools has a tool for everything you might need to manage your Facebook pages, gain more fans and through traffic which can lead to a better return on income. No longer can you set up a Facebook page to advertise your project or event and forget about it - AgoraPulse gives you all the armory to keep your page front and center.
AgoraPulse is a Facebook marketing and CRM suite that gives you all the tools that page owners and marketers  need to oversee your Facebook Page and gain more page traffic and more fans.It also helps the community manager to moderate the wall and measure results with cutting edge tracking and reporting features. It does this with a number of unique features and tools. For a start there are a bunch of marketing apps with quizzes, instant wins, contests, sweepstakes and coupons to keep your customers interested. It features automatic wall moderation, real time email notification and post scheduling and has the ability to rank and import your fan base from elsewhere. You can compare your page with your competitors like Involver, Buddy Media, Wildfire, Context Optional and North Social and track your reach, clicks, leads as well as being able to measure earned media. The other reasons you might want to consider AgoraPulse over other monitoring services are it's all in one platform and it's cost effectiveness which make it an attractive proposition for agencies or social media consultants. Then there are the presentations and Facebook marketing guidebooks to help you maximize your return on income.
AgoraPulse is a suite of Facebook monitoring business tools that will come in very handy if you are serious about optimising your advertising pages. Its easy to se interface helps you to manage your page and includes automated moderation, scheduled publishing, content tagging and reliable email alerts to keep you at the cutting edge of customer relations and keeping them involved and interested with they visit. The developers seem to understand how Facebook marketing works and even make available strategies and case studies for clients and the entire marketing community. They are also realists and realise that Facebook might not be the relevant choice for every brand. Based on your situation, your budget and your goals, AgoraPulse can advise you if you could build a successful Facebook strategy now.

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