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Make neighborhoods safer with this personal tracking app

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Published 26 Mar 2016

[cont'd] in unfamiliar territory, there's even a 'crime' option that warns you if you are close to a high crime area. As you are moving around, you just have to open the map to discover areas with high or low crime rate so you can avoid any dangerous areas that you might not be aware of.

AidMaid will be a relief to parents who will have their worries about their kids minimized when that inevitable request to go to a late night party comes long. Rather than fretting all night about whether their youngsters might be in danger or roaming along unfamiliar streets, they can just use the AidMaid app to keep a track of their journey and destination. Effectively, you can be with them the whole way. They can even live stream their journey and show you exactly where they are going and what they are doing. All they have to do is push the 'shield' button or the 'live stream' option and they are immediately connected.

As a trusted contact you will be able to come to the rescue of people who might be in trouble and be the hero of the hour. You can stay on alert and see when someone nearby you is in trouble simply by using the map or the 'discover' page. You will be able to see immediately if there is anyone in or around your neighborhood who has pressed the 'panic' button and who might be in need of your...