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Aidmaid - Personal Emergency Assistant

AidMaid alerts your friends and family to help you when you’re in an emergency and you'll be a hero for reaching out. AidMaid helps make neighborhoods safer & more pleasant.

Get Rescued Immediately:
When in trouble, simply shake your phone or push the “PANIC” button and a message is sent to your contacts. Friends and family will immediately know your location and can easily track you. You have nothing to worry about, because we’ve got your back during emergencies!

Save People and Be a Hero:
Stay alert and know when someone nearby is in trouble. Using the map or “Discover” page you will know if there is anyone within your neighborhood that is in need of help. Simply, press on “Track” and help that person.

Protect Your Family:
And Moms and Dads, you’ll never have to worry about your kids again. We’re not lying. When your children head out to a party late at night or are passing through an unfamiliar area, you can track their destination and be by their side the whole time. They can also live stream their journey and show you everything around them. All they have to do is push the “Shield” or “Live Stream” icon.

Avoid Areas With High Crime Rate:
You’re probably impressed but there’s still another feature you haven’t been told about – “Crime”. Thanks to the “Crime” feature you can avoid dangerous areas and live a longer, happy life. As you are moving around, open the map to discover areas with high or low crime rate and make sure you avoid the dangerous areas.

AidMaid's tracking & live streaming is also suitable for the elderly, school kids, and insurance companies.

Now, download AIdMaid and start saving the world. You’re a legend!

Last updated 16 Mar 2016

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