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Airborne unifies messages from your Google, Facebook and SMS buddies, right under the same chat thread!


★ Proximity Calling
Call your friends from the chat screen, by just pulling the phone to your ear.
Airborne messenger places the call on detecting movement in front of the proximity sensor.

★ Self Destruct
If you are into ephemeral messaging, you would love this feature.
Messages set to self destruct, get purged automatically from both the sender and receiver chats.

★ Message Encryption
All conversations between airborne devices are secured end to end with 256 bit AES encryption algorithm.
Private conversations should remain that way.

Send distress signals to your emergency contacts.
SMS are sent out every 3 mins with your geographic coordinate updates.
Visual SOS signals are transmitted via the phone's camera flash.

★ Finder
Track your location, as well as that of your buddies in real time.
Buddies sending SOS signals show up on this map as well.
This feature is under development.

★ Compass
Lost in a jungle with no network and a non functional gps?
No problem. The good old compass will show you the way.
This feature is under development.

★ Auto Purge
Never bother to clean up your inbox again, ever!
Airborne messenger's auto-purge feature deletes all messages over 2 weeks old.
Keep your app's memory footprint minimal at all times.

★ Block Contacts
Block out texts from all those nosy contacts.
Reclaim your personal space amongst the ever growing social network clutter.

★ Pattern Lock
Keep out those prying eyes from viewing your personal messages.
Never worry about your texts getting read while you are away.


We strongly recommend looking up the FAQ section on our website OR the Help manual in the app, to help you get Airborne smoothly.

Please drop in a line with your feedback/queries to [email protected]

Last updated 7 Oct 2014

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