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Published 15 Mar 2013

There has been a stumbling block that has prevented many talented  individuals and small (and not so small) businesses from opening their own website and the reason is the price that it costs to put it together, not to mention hosting it. The nearest you could get to a free website was a Cool Mojito Facebook page but now there's a new sherif in town - and it's name is Aircus. This excellent free web design and web hosting application walks you through a simple but effective website builder in minutes with heaps of features to advertise yourself, your brand, your event or product.
Aircus is a simple solution to the age-old problem of how to convince businesses or individuals to create a simple responsive website for free. Thankfully for some, you won’t need a great deal of technical knowledge because you can create you website in simple steps by just following the  simple wizard. You cab creat your websites so that they fit and work on all your devices whether it's your PC, your tablet or your mobile phone. The Aircus app is based on structured business data like your location, contacts details, a description of what you do and the services you offer. Aircus assembles your website from the  data you supply. Start by choosing a simple but elegant background then add your data, maps, photos and videos to create a professional looking site to tell people what you do. It's as simple as ThT and you can be up and running, literally in minutes.
Look, Aircus doesnt give you a lavish website like many are used to visiting. They cost quite a bit of money to build, host and maintain. But this is a very viable alternative and would be brilliant for the humble artist or musician who hasn't had the bucks to take the next step to selling themselves. Aircus also have great ides for the future by cross promotion with other online projects - promoting you and them even further. They also have plans for enriching your site with data from other your other social sites like Facebook,  Google Places and Yelp to increase your public presence even more. If you are looking for a free website builder and hoster - I haven't seen one that matches this one yet.

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