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AirShelf is a place to display and exchange movie and TV recommendations. It aims to create the ... More

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Published 5 Sep 2012

Having worked in the movie and video industry for quite a few years I can spot a film buff at twenty paces. They are often a bit of a loner and can have weird obsessions with b-grade actors like Dolph Lundgren or Sean Young. You know the type. AirShelf is a nice and simple free tv and movies application that is kept in the cloud. It's a place where movie and tv geeks of all persuasions can list and display movies, read reviews and watch trailers and then recommend their favorites to their friends in true film buff style.
It's a funny thing about the true film fan (or music or book fan, if it comes to that) that they can't help themselves when they go round to someone's house. They have to go through the whole collection of DVD's or videos to see what titles they have and I have to admit, I'm one of the worst culprits at that. AirShelf is a virtual place where one can display and exchange movie and TV recommendations. It aims to create the curiosity of glancing at a friend's living room bookcase and the joy of sending and receiving great recommendations. And with books and media content increasingly moving off physical shelves and into the cloud AirShelf appears to be the next best thing to a real shelf stacked with much loved movies. You can display your collection in as many or as few...