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Published 5 Jun 2013

[cont'd] AirStream created quite a stir recently, when it hit #3 in the top 40 apps in's App Weekender. The reason it has done so well is because it solves a problem for many people. When using the same wifi service, it lets you stream media content and copy important files from your PC, Mac or laptop - without having to plug any leads in - straight to your smartphone or tablet. Just browse through your files and folders and select the content you want to watch. AirStream recommends that you use the RMX Player that will support most of the formats.
AirStream has had over 30,000 downloads on GooglePlay so far and succeeds in the way that it lets us access and watch our music and video content from our home computer. In this mobile friendly era, this Android app lets you stream content from your PC or laptop via wifi and play it on your smartphone or tablet in real time. This simple to use app features a fine looking interface and simply requires you to download and install onto your PC and make sure your wifi is connected. From then on it's plain sailing and you can watch anything you have on your PC from your mobile device - wherever you are.