Developer description

AirVote® is a business tool for collecting and analyzing customer satisfaction data. The primary goal of the tool is to flag to a business team service problem areas and give an opportunity to correct before they appear in social media as a negative review.

This self-service platform features an easy and scalable way to acquire data: business owners or delegates register and claim their business and create questions they want to ask. The system automatically generates a unique set of QR smileys. Questions are printed as stickers or posters and placed in various locations of customer traffic. By scanning a respective QR smiley customers anonymously vote with one click and an optional comment. Happy customers are offered a direct link to a social channel of business’ choice to leave a formal review. Customer feedback data is instantly available to the business owner via a central dashboard. Data can be viewed by time, question, business site, or placement location. Configurable real-time alerts send instant notifications to the business about unhappy votes and any associated comments.

The tiered pricing model is based on usage. Independently of the tier, any usage below 50 votes per month is free.

Last updated 11 May 2020