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Automatically remind your customers by SMS or Email

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Alertful for Business lets you send Email and SMS reminders to your customers. All reminders you ... More

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Published 26 Nov 2011

This is a simple little app that could help businesses of all shapes stay firmly in the minds of valuable customers. The alerts generated by the system don’t even have to carry a selling message as they can simply be important reminders from say an accountancy firm that needs to alert clients about tax or company return deadlines. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS and they can all be customized to carry your businesses logo, other images and text content. From the forms page you can create your required alert for a particular customer and then schedule when you want it to go. Alertful can then get it in front of the customer to within the desired minute requested.

Depending on the plan you sign up for you can have any number of separate alerts scheduled at any one time. Although the app has plans ranging from fifty monthly alerts all the way up to 2,500 it does look more like something a smaller business would benefit from.

Apart from the accountancy scenario mentioned earlier it is the perfect tool for places such as restaurants, hair salons and florists to remind their customers of appointments made or any birthdays coming up. These reminders can also carry some form of marketing message of course and are the perfect vehicle for offering loyalty discounts and notices of special offers available for a particular period.

As a business owner you have a good level of control over what goes out and can access all pending alert details for editing and deletion purposes. The control panel also shows you the numbers of alerts sent so you’re always up to speed with the monthly costs incurred.


I think that used wisely this has the potential to be a really useful gimmick for businesses to
double up a reminder function with some well targeted marketing.


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