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Repel relentless alien attacks with this great 'old school' strategy shooter

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Alien Assault - Tower Defense TD Game: The year is 2248, Earth is under attack by an unknown ... More

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Published 28 Nov 2013

It's rather strange that tower defense games haven't become more prevalent in the gaming world as they generally offer heaps of thrills and some really fun and testing gameplay. Alien Assault - Tower Defense TD is one of the best. It offers great retro graphics that look like they were designed for Super Nintendo (and that's a good and not a bad thing) and hours of challenging entertainment as you attempt to save the world from relentless alien attacks. Alien Assault is a free Android app that will keep you amused as you use clever strategy to attempt to shoot down a never-ending stream of incoming spacecraft.
The year is 2248 and Earth is under attack by an unknown race of Aliens. You are the last line of defense. Alien Attack lets you build turrets to defend against the incoming onslaught of alien ships and protect the Earth in this 16 bit style Tower Defense Game. But that certainly isn't where this 'old school' style game really comes into it’s own. There's an awful lot of strategy to take into account when defeating these aliens and you'll find out that the positioning and type of turrets that you choose will make a big difference to how successful you are at the game. You are hardly likely to get bored either as, unlike many similar games, this free version contains plenty of levels to shoot your way through - not to mention heaps of different alien types. This colorful and fast passed game features 25 stages of space tower defense and you can create multiple types of towers to shoot down many different types of alien enemy spacecraft before they invade your precious world. The best players will feature on global leader boards as you try to become the Luke Skywalker of 2248. You can also win with the addition of over 50 Google+ achievements
Alien Assault Tower Defense TD is an excellent tower defense game for Android that is set in the space of the future. Earth is under attack from an alien race and it's down to you to save mankind by shooting down their spacecraft before they get past you. Yep, it sounds just like one of those great alien console games that were all the rage in the '90's and looks gloriously like it too. I can imagine playing a game like this one back then and it even has the feel of a game like Space Invaders at times. The huge 25 levels and varied gameplay mean that you can play the game over and over again without the fear of repeating yourself. The replay value is derived via a part of the game known as Survival mode which gives many more challenges and turns out to be almost the most fun of all. If you are into shooting games that have a bit of strategy behind them, you'll find this free gem of a game a winner.

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