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Developer description

Do you have documents on your mobile that you simply can't open?
Document Reader is your solution!

It is a free tool that allows you to open and view PDF, Sheet (Xls, Xlsx), Slide (ppt, Pptx), Word (Doc, Docx), Zip, Rar, and TXT file formats support. PowerPoint, Excel, PPT, Word, Doc, Rar, Zip, PDF Reader & Microsoft Office files.

All Documents Reader is a very easy plus user-friendly tool. Make a list of every document available on your Smartphone in one place.

Key points/Features:
• Documents reader- all files reader and viewer
• PDF file reader
• xls, xlsx file reader spreadsheet reader
• Prepare your office presentation files
• Word file reader and Docx viewer
• google docs reader
• read word document
• Text files reader-Read your Txt format files
• PDF format file
• PDF Viewer- Read and view all PDF Files
• All PDF Files reading ability
• All presentation files reader and viewer
• PPT Files reader
• office reader is also supported
• School lectures docs files reader
• Office Work files viewer & manager
• Manage your office work files on your device
• All files manager application
• Office presentation manager
• School presentations ppt reader
• File and Document viewer
• Support ZIP and RAR Files

Last updated 1 Feb 2021

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