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Forget Zoom. Here's a better virtual meeting app for home and remote teams

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All Hands helps you to pre-record and send frequent video updates to your team. It helps you ... More

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Published 25 Sep 2020

With so many companies around the world being affected by the pandemic it's no wonder that there's been a bit of a problem in getting relevant information out there to your workforce. Zoom seems to have become the go-to platform to communicate with your team. However, that has its own problems. For a start, it requires everyone to be in front of their camera at a certain time of day so that you can get your message across. This either means a disruption of the working day or the 'meeting' takes place out of office hours. Another problem lies in the fact that so many companies have staff members in different time zones all over the world and your 10am Zoom call in London could well be an 8pm hook up in Sydney for some. On top of that there are dodgy internet connections, people all talking at once and the well documented concerns over the app's security. 

However, we believe that we might have come up with a very viable alternative for you. All Hands is an SaaS communications app that helps you pre-record and send frequent video updates to your team. You don't have to worry about Bruce having to be available in Sydney after hours or Gretchen not being available because she's picking the kids up from school or Yusef having to stop work to take the meeting. You can combine segments recorded by everyone who has something to say into...