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Forget Zoom. Here's a better virtual meeting app for home and remote teams

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Published 25 Sep 2020

[cont'd] one seamless update and everyone gets a copy straight away. Seems quite simple and straightforward really, doesn't it? But wait...there's more.

You can share these combined updates via the web or Slack and your team can add their own feedback while they watch as well as reacting with emojis and sending relevant comments. All Hands also helps you constantly improve your in-house information sharing and lets you build up a communications habit with reminders and detailed analytics. You'll be able to measure engagement and see which parts of your video updates capture the attention of your team and which parts need more work on them next time. The instant feedback you get from your team can then be used to improve your message on the next submission and, pretty soon, All Hands will become the best way of sharing your messaging and business updates. 

To start things off you can easily record your own part of the message - on your phone, if you wish - before adding anyone else who needs to make a contribution. They can even pre-record their own messages and add them when it's time to send. There are no extensions to add and no apps to download. All Hands will even send you a reminder when it's time to update. When your update is complete you can share it with your team members via Slack or Microsoft Teams etc so it doesn't matter where they are in...