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Forget Zoom. Here's a better virtual meeting app for home and remote teams

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Published 25 Sep 2020

[cont'd] the world.  AI closed captions, super-fast CDN video delivery and fast playback speed give your team everything they need. To judge your video's effectiveness you'll be able to see exactly how many people viewed, the percentage of people who watched it all the way through, see the average time that your audience watched and see exactly how many reactions you got. 

The beauty of All Hands is that no one has to stop what they are doing immediately to join in because your team can watch and comment as soon as it's convenient for them. It can be wherever they are and in any timezone. You can gather up and join all of your team's insights and comments together and go through them later on so you can see who understands and contributes and who might need some help. The fact is, the better informed your team is, the better decisions they will make. CEO's and managers can pass on information in a matter of minutes and get instant feedback. No one will complain that they didn't hear part of the message because they'll get 100% of your high bandwidth, high quality video. All Hands will cost you NZ$79 per month + GST for 20 engaged employees with your first update being a free one. If you have a larger team you can contact them for a special price.