Developer description

The All in One marketing tools platform allows businesses to contact every single one of their customers through their customers' preferred means of communication. It includes mobile text, instant messages, e-mail, voice broadcast, and far more features that is proven to be far more effective than traditional marketing techniques. This platform essentially pays for itself in one use, if a campaign is creatively executed. Mobile marketing has a read rate of 97%, and a response rate of more than 20%, whereas print advertising has a read rate of a little over 20% and a response of less than 1%. With these odds in mind, the marketing tools costs MUCH less and is far more effective, which is why it can pay for itself in one use.

You can try it out by texting the keyword "59urban" to the number 96362. You'll get an automated response, and you will see how the program works. It's super simple to use, and anyone can pick it up and use it. Through the all in one tools, we are determined to revolutionize the Houston market place, changing how businesses market themselves, as well as changing how customers behave.

Last updated 17 Oct 2012