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Published 13 Sep 2012

You might have seen FeedMyApp's review of the health and fitness app Yoga Free recently. It's a beautifully presented yoga app containing 250 poses and yoga classes that you can take mobile via iOS. Well, if Yoga Free is considered a yoga app for those interested in expanding their overall wellness then All-in Yoga is an app that serves all yoga fans, whether they be a total beginner or a guru. For just a dollar or so you can join one of the 3 million or so fellow users and access over 300 poses with photos, video and audio guides all delivered in HD quality and using Retina iPhone4 graphics. This version also includes 3D muscle models for each pose, an introduction to Pranayama with a full instructional guide and over 40 readymade yoga programs to improve your mind, body and spirit.
In reality, All-in Yoga really is the big brother of Yoga Free though both take their lead from This fitness and health app ups the ante as it's been loaded with over 300 yoga poses with a detailed audio guide, photo, video and a timer for poses all in HD-quality plus 3D muscle models for every single pose! Watch a video of your pose to see how it’s done before attempting it. Discover the breathing method known as Pranayama with over 30 breathing exercises and 4 breathing programs for relaxation and meditation with detailed how-to guides...