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Take your yoga and your iOS with you wherever you go

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Published 13 Sep 2012

[cont'd] so you do it correctly from the very beginning! What's more, there are over 40 ready-made yoga programs along with the option to create your own according to your specified parameters! Users have the option for the quick and simple creation of custom made programs and set the order and duration of poses. Finally, there is live support available right in the app for free!
Yoga can help with many things in your life including health issues, changing your body shape, general stretching, breathing exercises and even just de-stressing in these busy times and All-in Yoga makes it easy to get involved. It's a handsome looking app that is clear and concise and let's you take your yoga wherever you want via your iPhone or iPad. The iPad really is the perfect medium for this yoga app and it's portability makes an app like this possible. Years ago every second household seemed to have a Jane Fonda exercise video. 2012's version could well be considered to be this generation's equivalent.