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Have your food ready and waiting for you at your favorite lunchtime restaurant

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Have your lunch served on your time at your favorite restaurant.

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Editor's review

Published 24 Sep 2015

One of the more annoying things about eating out at a restaurant is the time it takes between getting there and actually getting your meal. As Tom Petty once said, the waiting is the hardest part. Don't think you are alone though. Most restaurants could probably fit in an extra sitting if they could cut down the time between guests arriving and actually finishing their meal. It's not quite as inconvenient in the evening when diners have more time but if they only have an hour or so for lunch it can get a bit tight, to say the least. Many will simply opt for a take out and not even bother with a sit down meal. But, if you live in either San Francisco or Palo Alto, there's now a much smarter way to ensure you have enough time to eat and enjoy your lunchtime meal.

Allset is a new restaurant app for iOS and Android that benefits both foodies and restaurants. It ensures that diners have their table set, their lunch served and everything paid for by the time they turn up to eat. Rather than arriving at a busy restaurant and then waiting to be seated, waiting to be served and waiting for your order to turn up you can save your valuable lunch time by starting eating pretty much as soon as you get there. At the moment, the service is only available in San Francisco and Palo Alto but it covers great restaurants like Boulevard, Prospect, The Lunchpad, La Mar, Farmhouse Kitchen, Mochica and many more with more cities being added soon.

The app is very easy to use. Just click on your desired restaurant and order from lunch or other menus from the detailed list provided and then tap the view order button. Book your table or order as a takeaway, state a time to eat and simply send your order. Pay for it there and then and that's it. When you turn up to the restaurant and tell the host your name, your table will be ready, you'll be seated immediately and your food will be ready to serve up right away. When you've finished you can walk out without having to wait around to pay the bill. Allset makes it possible for you to eat a delicious meal in a great restaurant at lunchtime without having to worry about how long it will take and whether you'll be back at work on time.

Allset is not only great for diners, it's also great for the restaurants themselves. While it encourages more people to eat out at lunchtime, it also allows restaurants to better plan their day and take better care of their busy diners. It also leads to a quicker turnaround of customers and better availability of tables. Rather than having seats tied up as diners wait for their meals, the turnaround time becomes way faster, your door queues will shorten and your diners will be happier.

Allset only partners with the highest quality and most popular restaurants in cities around the US but plan on offering the service all over the country very soon. The developer's aim is to offer diners the quickest way to enjoy a sit-down lunch in the hour or so that they ave available and to have a seamless dining experience. It makes going out to lunch a pleasure again. You wont find yourself checking the time or worrying how long it will take before you eat and will let you enjoy the lunchtime experience for the way it should be. Allset uses new technology to make life easier for both diners and restaurants and takes customer service to another level. And its all completely free from your iPhone, iPad or your Android device that’s sitting in your pocket.

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