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Published 24 Sep 2021

[cont'd] heaps of excellent features including over 450 exercise videos and graphical insights to ensure your safety and to show you how they should be completed correctly. Each exercise is categorized by muscle benefit and the equipment needed so it becomes simple to find suitable exercises to add to your workout plan. You can add your own for increased customization. The insight innovation feature gives a great overview of workouts over the years to show you how you've progressed.

Custom designed muscle building training plans can be tailored to your individual needs so you get to decide how often you train and which muscles you wish to concentrate on building up. The intelligent algorithm then sets your workout program - taking into account your past performance - to give you optimum outcome and maximum muscle gain. The app will automatically track your weight, repetitions and RIR as well as taking notes on your sessions. To inspire you, you'll also see a list of your personal triumphs as you go, including major milestones.

Alpha Progression is a fully customizable strength-training app for both men and women that has been endorsed wholeheartedly by many experts including European Natural Bodybuilding Champion Patrick Teutsch. He called it the best app for optimal muscle gain on the market. There is a completely free version of the app with many great features but there's also a Pro version that includes the plan generator, progression recommendations, graphical analytics and a few other features. When you...