Developer description

Alphabet on time - the next big thing?

The idea is so basic and it can easily be cloned and in a not so further distance I guess we will see A LOT of clones from the idea.

It's so simple so you just type the alphabet from A to Z as fast as you can! You will se your total time, best time and how many characters per minute you write. Thanks to the game center integration it's possible to challenge your friends and see the world top list of fastest time!

Since the idea is so basic and you will decrease your time for every try you can play it anywhere! Waiting for the bus, on the bus, in the elevator, in the queue when you shop and so on! The best players are down on times around 3-4 seconds!

It's fun and addictive and at the same time you increase your phone typing skills!

Last updated 30 Apr 2014