Developer description

The alphaSXplayer is a FREE, powerful iOS application for recording and playing audio, adding sound effects and adjusting playback options (such as variable playback speed, pitch, A432Hz instrument tuning and etc).
The main features:
- custom speed of playback
- custom pitch (timbre)
- A432Hz instrumen tuning
- Ten bands equalizer
- build sound effects like reverberations, echo, distortions and etc
- voice recorder
- smart media picker
- analogue meters indicator

The alphaSXplayer uses a low-level audio API. It lets to use hight-quality sound effects and playback manipulations. Also it lets to make the app with low requirements to resources and memory.

The audience is 4+. Hours of fun for all ages! alphaSXplayer is a beautiful, easy to use app for all sorts of audio learning and entertainment.

Last updated 27 Sep 2016

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