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An easy way to find out if your online dating partner is all that they say they are

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Am I loved? is an app whose main purpose is trying to help you into knowing if a person really ... More

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Published 13 Aug 2020

There's little doubt that dating apps have contributed a lot to the love lives of people from all over the world over the last few years. According to a recent study, about one third of Americans have used a dating app or a dating website. That's a significant rise from 2013 when the figure was about 11%. However, while 12% of people claim to have found a long-term relationship online there have been plenty of sob stories to go along with the happy ones. The anonymity of individuals online has left the gate open for some to take advantage of online partners for one reason or another. So, how do you ascertain the noble intentions of the person you have grown to like without actually meeting them face-to-face? An app like this one may well be the answer.

Am I Loved is a new dating app for Android that helps you confirm that the potential love of your life has your best interests at heart. While they may say all the right things online to make you happy, what you really want to know is if their intentions are the same as yours. Do they have a partner stashed away that you aren’t aware of? Are they single? Are they actually after your money or is it all just a bit of fun. Here's a way you can avoid any nasty surprises that may eventuate - and let's face it, if your partner's intentions aren’t exactly...