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An easy way to find out if your online dating partner is all that they say they are

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Published 13 Aug 2020

There's little doubt that dating apps have contributed a lot to the love lives of people from all over the world over the last few years. According to a recent study, about one third of Americans have used a dating app or a dating website. That's a significant rise from 2013 when the figure was about 11%. However, while 12% of people claim to have found a long-term relationship online there have been plenty of sob stories to go along with the happy ones. The anonymity of individuals online has left the gate open for some to take advantage of online partners for one reason or another. So, how do you ascertain the noble intentions of the person you have grown to like without actually meeting them face-to-face? An app like this one may well be the answer.

Am I Loved is a new dating app for Android that helps you confirm that the potential love of your life has your best interests at heart. While they may say all the right things online to make you happy, what you really want to know is if their intentions are the same as yours. Do they have a partner stashed away that you aren’t aware of? Are they single? Are they actually after your money or is it all just a bit of fun. Here's a way you can avoid any nasty surprises that may eventuate - and let's face it, if your partner's intentions aren’t exactly honorable, they're going to crop up at some point in your relationship so it's better to find out now than later. However, much as in any person-to-person relationship, using the Am I Loved app is going to involve a great deal of trust. 

Am I Loved is an inexpensive way to find out about your potential lover without having to hire a private detective but it does involve, amongst other things, both sides having their mobile phone - in its main mode - exposed to scrutiny. This isn't done straight off the bat though. There are several confirmations required before we get to that stage to see if the two sides have each other's best interests at heart. The confirmations are a bit like the way Tinder works - but without the sexual connotations. 

This isn't all the app does as there are also several other functions available too. You'll get notifications as to when the time is coming - or indeed, has come - to confirm the reality of your 'relationship' and these will need to be stuck to. There's also a neat little trick where you can 'hide' the app in your phone and disguise it as a password protected flashlight. The free version also has a 'nag' screen as well as a few other features. There's a paid version coming soon which will have more features as well as streamlining the confirmation process and no ads. 

So really, Am I Loved is a companion piece to your regular dating site. If you are serious about an online romance and want to ascertain exactly how your potential partner actually feels about you, this is a simple and cost-effective way of finding out. It's a very simple app to use and easy to navigate your way around. Right now, as I said earlier, there is a free version available to download right now for Android but there's a paid version with extra and expanded features on the way. 


Finally, I'll leave you with how the developers describe the app: 'Do you want to know if the person who looks interested in you really loves you and doesn't have some type of selfish interest? Want to show that you appreciate a person in a very cheap way? This app can help you with that.'

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