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An easy way to find out if your online dating partner is all that they say they are

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Published 13 Aug 2020

[cont'd] honorable, they're going to crop up at some point in your relationship so it's better to find out now than later. However, much as in any person-to-person relationship, using the Am I Loved app is going to involve a great deal of trust. 

Am I Loved is an inexpensive way to find out about your potential lover without having to hire a private detective but it does involve, amongst other things, both sides having their mobile phone - in its main mode - exposed to scrutiny. This isn't done straight off the bat though. There are several confirmations required before we get to that stage to see if the two sides have each other's best interests at heart. The confirmations are a bit like the way Tinder works - but without the sexual connotations. 

This isn't all the app does as there are also several other functions available too. You'll get notifications as to when the time is coming - or indeed, has come - to confirm the reality of your 'relationship' and these will need to be stuck to. There's also a neat little trick where you can 'hide' the app in your phone and disguise it as a password protected flashlight. The free version also has a 'nag' screen as well as a few other features. There's a paid version coming soon which will have more features as well as streamlining the confirmation process and no ads. 

So really, Am...