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An easy way to find out if your online dating partner is all that they say they are

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Published 13 Aug 2020

[cont'd] I Loved is a companion piece to your regular dating site. If you are serious about an online romance and want to ascertain exactly how your potential partner actually feels about you, this is a simple and cost-effective way of finding out. It's a very simple app to use and easy to navigate your way around. Right now, as I said earlier, there is a free version available to download right now for Android but there's a paid version with extra and expanded features on the way. 


Finally, I'll leave you with how the developers describe the app: 'Do you want to know if the person who looks interested in you really loves you and doesn't have some type of selfish interest? Want to show that you appreciate a person in a very cheap way? This app can help you with that.'