Developer description

Hammie is a hamster who lives on the Cheddar's reservation, in the Sedgemoor's district, next to the edge of the lake, he lives with his girlfriend Hammy in their burrow, it´s just three holes far from Hamschool, where he works giving lectures of Ball and Acrobatic Hamster Wheel, (Physical Education teacher).
Twenty days left to the onset of winter, and during that night, the crazy foxes broke the sacred Hamulets that keeps the evil owls far from Hamtown. Being on the middle of harvesting time, the hamsters couldn´t afford to leave the hard work to find new ones or they could starve.
A meeting was convened at Hamtown and the ancients spoke about the places where their ancestors got the sacred Hamulets a thousand years ago, dangerous Mazes filled with traps.
Hammie, watching that the people of Hamtown may be at great risk by the ferocious owls, decided to leave on absence and put on his race glasses to pursue the Greatest Adventure.

- Free to Play Game!
- Explore multiple Worlds.
- Roll Hammie´s Hamster Ball rotating your phone.
- Avoid the most deadly traps.
- Beat your own scores.
- Show your skills with this frantic game.
- aMAZEing handpainted art.
- Original soundtrack.
- Daily rewards!
- Monthly updates with new worlds to explore.
- Seasonal events.

Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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