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Developer description

Meet Fluffy, an ordinary house cat, usually sleeping, dreaming about mice, cabbages and kings. But the time has come…
• Collectibles: Find it all
• Fashion: Buy stuff and run in style
• Random: Unique challenges on every run
• Replays: Watch and share game play
• Facecam: Add your video commentary …time to conquer the wild.
Can you help Fluffy in the impossible journey across wilderness? Randomly generated environment gives you fresh challenges every time you start the game. Chickens will try to stop you and even frogs can be dangerous for an amateur house cat! Found balloons? Perfect! Use it to fly longer and jump over dangerous waters. Caught butterfly? Even better! Swipe in any direction to adjust your movements. Each Fluffy’s friend has its own unique ability: Rocky the Turtle can block chickens sometimes, Flappy the Owl cannot use balloons but can fly! Well, almost… Tap-tap-tap! Beagle the Dog… discover it by yourself! And don't give up, Fluffy and friends count on you!

Last updated 10 May 2014