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"Amazing Kaleidoscope" ( ) is an app that simulates a real mechanical kaleidoscope but is enhanced by hundreds of digital effects sets. With "Amazing Kaleidoscope" you can access over 120 different profiles each with stunning visual effects imitating the mechanical device. You can bring those images to life by moving your device as the app recognizes the gyroscope movement. Amazing patterns can be selected from the predefined gallery or generated and customized by a few buttons on main screen.Not only you can play with it as with any regular apps, but you can use the kaleidoscope images as a Live Wallpaper.
Here are some of the features "Amazing Kaleidoscope" offers:
- Two main modes of operation, either as a classic kaleidoscope using gallery images or as a teleidoscope using the camera
- 120 predefined kaleidoscope profiles in the default gallery and 58 kaleidoscope components (with 9 different types) sum up to thousands of different variations
- The app simulates the physics of moving beads just like the real mechanical device
- Detects gyroscope variations to create shifting layers effects and tilting mirrors
- Extra screen effects (such as vignetting, blurring, fine noise) included in the classical version and in the live wallpaper version "Amazing Kaleidoscope" is available for free on Google Play ( ) and you can see it in action here:

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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