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Find inner peace with this new meditative strategy game

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Ambit is a new, engaging and meditative strategy game for iPhone and iPad. Move pieces to create ... More

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Published 23 Jan 2019

Different people desire different things from their gaming experience. Some want adventure games with lots of back story while others want puzzle games to test their brain and their logic. Some want games filled with fast-paced action while others would rather go for educational games involving math and science. However, over the last few years there has been a development towards calmer and more thought- provoking games. These are games that are played with the head rather than with an adrenaline filled heart. These games are almost uncategorisable but can be loosely filed under the title of meditative strategy.

When we talk about these types of online meditative games we are not necessarily talking about Zen and the art of transcendental meditation. We're talking about games that are played in the head and to lend an element of calmness to our lives. Games that encourage an exercise in stillness while we exercise our minds. If we were talking board games, we would be talking about chess and mahjong. If we were talking about math games you could probably throw sudoku in there. There's even an argument for Tetris to go under the same banner. 

Ambit is a new two person game app for iOS that fits very nicely into the meditative strategy category. It's an engaging and thought provoking online 'board' game where your pieces are moved to create shapes and score points. Each player takes turns moving their pieces to create scoring geometric shapes. Triangles...